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  • Monster Hunter: World Celebrates First Anniversary
    Time: Jan. 21, 2019

    Capcom is about to celebrate Monster Hunter: World Steam CD Key's first anniversary. The Worldwild Festival will reward one year hunters with special rewards, missions and promoted monsters. The Festival starts on January 26 and lasts almost a month until February 22.The first Appreciation Festival in world will host the party at the social center, the Celestial Pursuit.

    For a year of being pursued,two basic game monsters will return for revenge on all hunters. But the versions of these two monsters are different and much more lethal than their normal species. The first will be the Greatest Jagras, an even bigger version of the Great Jagras. The Greatest Jagras will offer great rewards from January 26 to February 7. The second monster will be the Name’s Lavasioth, which is a more lethal version of the regular Lavasioth in the Elder’s Recess.

    In general, seasonal events were organized at different times for consoles and personal computers. However, the celebration of the first anniversary will be held on the same dates for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. In 2019, much more will come to World. Geralt of the Witcher series will be launched in February and Iceborne, the first major expansion of the game, will be launched in the fall.

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