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  • Just Cause 4: New Version of Apex Game Engine
    Time: Jan. 7, 2019

    Avalanche has developed a new version of the Apex game engine for Just Cause 4 Steam CD Key. This solution solves the performance problems found in the previous entries in the series. Unfortunately, there are still times when chaos on the screen is too important for the new engine, resulting in a non-ideal frame rate. In addition to the performance issues, the new module also brings some additional modifications to the look of Just Cause 4. The details of the long-term vision generally look better and the explosions are more realistic.

    The new engine has made possible spectacular new climatic effects. The introduction of sand and thunderstorms, blizzards and a spectacular tornado lead to breathtaking moments. If you go through a storm, a beam hits Rico if you do not move, but the real star is the Twister, which exists at any time in the game world. This impressive act of nature aspires to all vehicles and not to bodies. structural extraterrestrials. Huge passenger planes and large oil rigs are shaken in vortex until they explode in a chain of destruction.

    Just Cause 4 Steam CD Key surpasses all the rhythms of a great action game when you are in the middle of a gigantic military tail, pushing waves of enemies and vehicles, while a furious tornado floats just in front of the base. It is always satisfying to close the tanks with explosive balloons and remove the bad guys from the shelves.

    Connecting saddles, balloons and rescue jets in an unorthodox way often leads to macabre and fun results. Fixing some reminders on the back of a cow and observing them through a busy intersection that leads to many accidents and explosions is a fantastic thing.

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